Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chiang Mai: Temples & Hookers, Two Peas in a Pod

   Finally, we arrived in Bangkok but only to find we couldn't extend our stay at our hotel.  So, what the heck, we decided to just speed up our plans and head to Chiang Mai on an overnight train and explore Bangkok on our way back.  The train ride was a great experience besides Bobby of course not fitting in his bunk.

Nat fits

Bobby doesn't

   Chiang Mai is a city located in the northern highlands of Thailand and claimed to be the 'cultural center' of Thailand.  Although there are too many people there for the streets to handle, the town has a relaxed fun vibe.  The town is scattered with fake antique shopping, night markets with amazing local food, and tons of beer pubs.  It is also home to the Night Bizarre, a street lined with endless huts selling anything you can imagine. 

Bananas, chocolate, sprinkles, and a waffle....Pure Genius!!

A little Bailey dog, only around 50 bucks.

     We found out Bobby passed the bar our first night in town, soooo we decided to celebrate with Muay Thai boxing and beers.  A description of the boxing match basically describes Chiang Mai, and the greater Thailand for that matter.  As soon as we arrived at the entrance, we were bombarded by young women in high-heels directing us to our seats which happened to be infront of their bar.  As we soon found out, because they sat us there, we could only buy beer at their bar.  GETTING OUR MONEY BY LYING.  Although there were several fights, they all began wtih the same, whiny instrumental music while the fighters prayed to each corner of the ring.  RELIGION IS EVERYWHERE....EVEN WHERE A GUY IS ABOUT TO GET HIS NOSE BROKEN.  Later, before the main fight, the lady boys, all topless and dangerously feminine looking, did the YMCA dance and made drinks while the real ladies (mostly real) tempted many of the old-foreign men into their services for the night or week.  THE SEX INDUSTRY IS COMMON, OBVIOUS, and MAKING A KILLING.  All in all it was a great experience that both of us will never forget.

Celebrating Bobby passing the bar with some bad Mexican food.

    If there are three things to know about Thailand, it is these three.  No woman in Thailand, no matter how much she enjoys your conversation, is free.  There are more temples than you could ever seen.  And absolutely everyone is a liar.

   But other than those few tips, we absolutely loved Chiang Mai.  Besides the muay thai event, we rode elephants and got soaked going down rapids on a bamboo raft.  Also, just like every other city so far there were tons of temples and loads of shopping.  Hint Hint we also bought some awesome Christmas presents.

These guys are both so happy

Finally, to cap off Chiang Mai we decided to learn how to cook some good eats.  We took a full day cooking class where we both cooked 6 meals.  The best part, after eating all the food, was that we got recipe books for over 100 Thai dishes. 

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